Historic Florence High School


Florence High School


Completed in 1921, Florence High School has remained in use as a school, most recently transitioning to a middle school through the 2018-2019 school year. The building is a two-story, I-shaped building with a basement, organized around a double-loaded corridor. A gym and auditorium comprise the north and south ends of the building. Although Florence High School has seen numerous renovations over time, the building is in good repair. The first major renovation took place in 1958 with the installation of terrazzo floors on stairs, landings, and corridors throughout. (Florence Daily Citizen 7/31/58). A major interior renovation in 1978 resulted in the reconfiguration of the gymnasium and auditorium to house special-use rooms such as the band room, library and cafeteria. Some reconfiguration occurred within classrooms and offices as well, but this was limited due to the presence of heavy structural columns at classroom doorways. Finishes were also updated and changed in 1978, including the installation of tile wainscot in corridors and stairwells, dropped lay-in grid ceilings throughout, and furring out of the walls. All doors, inside and out, were also replaced during this renovation. Likely also during this renovation, the decorative palmettes that lined the parapet at the primary entrance were also removed. Shortly after this renovation, tinted, aluminum-frame windows replaced all windows on the building.

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